The Queen of the Honkai and literally useless because of powercreep

Queen Sirin

Vert comes to discord, but only one (psst, its my discord).

Vert's goal from the start was to be a private version and to some extent, the test bed for what Nep will end up getting as she is the public facing bot, so there are SOME differences in how they are coded, since one is made for everyone and one was intended for one server. So keep that in mind if you decide to use her, on that note actually, she uses Disco instead of

Wait so, Who's Vert?

Vert is another one of the main reoccurring Characters in the HyperDimension Neptunia Series Of Games.
She loves gaming, and thinks quite tactically due to how many raids she participates in on a daily F**king basis, i think the WHO need to give her a Diagnosis to be honest...

What Can She Do?


All the Normal Moderation commands are here,
• Kicking
• Soft/Banning
• Message Pruning
• Role Creation / Deletion / Moderation
• Mod Logs (in addition to the built in logs with discord)


Meme the shit out of someone if you feel like it!
Currently sends someone a random choice of all the popular meme playlists.

Other Commands

All the Other commands at her disposal,


No Bot nowadays is complete without being able to blast your favourite earrape meme song at your friends!
Oh and it can be used for normal music too.

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Read the F**kin Docs!