CPU Purple Heart

The Very unhelpful Planeptune CPU, in Discord Bot Form!!!1!

CPU Purple Heart

Neptune, but on discord!

Yeah you read that right! Neptune Comes to Discord with the power of Python! Is what i would like to say but i'd still get shit for using python BUUT ANYWAY....
Nep has pretty much all you'd normally find on a discord bot nowadays, moderation, memes, memes, more memes etc. but here's the twist, she responds with her normal happy go lucky and lovable persona, giving her much more personality than most bots on the market.

Neptune, Who is this?

Neptune is one of the main reoccurring Characters in the HyperDimension Neptunia Series Of Games.
She has a habit of breaking the 4th wall and talking to the player, and to be honest is pretty lazy and quite the Airhead.

What Can She Do?

Meme the shit out of someone if you feel like it!


No Bot nowadays is complete without being able to blast your favourite earrape meme song at your friends!
Oh and it can be used for normal music too.

Click the Button to go to the Docs page for more in depth Information!

Read the F**kin Docs!