So you've likely seen from everywhere, that 505 Games decided that Control Ultimate Edition didn't have a free upgrade path for existing users, y'know, the thing that BETHESDA COULD GET RIGHT when they did S:SE, and now CDPR are doing with The Witcher 3 for next gen.

it gets better, they lied in their explanation, saying it was impossible to upgrade existing users, and then all of a sudden out of nowhere people were being upgraded to ultimate edition, you're probably thinking "oh hey cool they decided to do the pro consumer thing!" but no, as this ResetEra post shows, that was an accident and not long after it was reversed, the funny thing is that it shows that it is possible, but 505 want more money and couldn't care less about being Pro Consumer.

All in all, scumbag company, Remedy pls get away from them asap if possible.