I mean, CapTune wasn't exactly the greatest App BUT AT LEAST IT WORKED...

So my adventure with Sennheiser started in 2016 with a pair of Red CX3.00 In Ear's i'd purchased as i needed earphones that sounded good and didn't bankrupt the then student me.

Sometime in 2017 i got the HD4.30G Over-Ears to replace the dead-by-flextion-based-damage CX3.00's and my ears thanked me for it, Thanks to the fact the Ear Pads are replaceable and the Cable is Detachable any damage to cable was easily sorted for the low, low price of £17.99 for a new cable and £17.95 for new Ear Pads if they got damaged.

then in late 2018 ish i got the 4.50BTNC's and at the time i wish i got the SE variant so it matches my HD4.30's but oh well no biggie there was problems with QC on the cosmetic side of the SE model anyway so i sorta dodged a bullet there.

and now here we are at the start of 2020 with EoL Bluetooth headphones that dont have some of the abilities due to Captune being retired just as quiet as Origin's On the House, fun. well time to spend another £160 on whats basically the same headset but with some more codecs, USB-C and bluetooth 5, nice.