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Welcome to my Blog!

Hello! This is where all my Code Projects and the like are kept, and blog posts about my experiences as a Junior Web Developer in what is quite the competitive market. Expect rambling about stuff im doing at work, talking about latest developments in tech stuffs, and some memes i guess.

This is also the home to my Two Discord Bots, named after two characters from Hyperdimension Neptunia, oh and you're more than welcome to join my discord server too!

About Me

I'm a 20 Year Old with a passion for tech, and recently started (about a year now) working full time as a Junior Web Developer.
I have Experience in HTML, CSS, PHP, Python, Working With CMS Systems Such as Wordpress, and working with Frameworks such as Laravel.
I have been working with a lot of the former for over 5 years now and am fairly familiar with them, and recently started to learn how to build projects with Laravel for projects at work

I have Experience In:

I have experience using these CMS's and Frameworks: